KARACHI - The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) here on Saturday announced that all offices of SBP Banking Services Corporation will start issuing new Rs 500 banknote with an Optical Variable Ink (OVI) Feature from January 25. An announcement said that the new Rs 500 banknote with OVI feature will bear the signature of Syed Salim Raza, Governor, State Bank of Pakistan. It said that the launching of Rs 500 banknote with OVI feature is part of SBPs continuous efforts to improve the security, durability and aesthetic quality of banknotes. The Optical Variable Ink (OVI) design appears at the obverse right side as the crescent and five-pointed star printed with the surrounded design of Intaglio Optical Variable Ink which changes colour from green to magenta and vice versa when Rs 500 banknote is viewed from different angles. The introduction Of OVI feature in Rs 500 banknote distinguishes it from the new design banknote of the same denomination launched in Nov 2006. The existing Rs. 500 banknotes will however continue to remain legal tender, it was further stated.