KARACHI - Jamat-e-Islami (JI) Karachi staged a demonstration Saturday against misbehaviour and harassment of loyal members of Bengla and Bermi communities. Addressing the party workers, Jamat-e-Islami Karachi Chief Muhammad Hussain Mehnati said that Bengla and Bermi communities were loyal to Pakistan. They have been living here for many years even they have had a new generation. He further added, These communities fulfil all the due requirements for Pakistani nationality; they have old NIC and also have NADRA issued CNIC. So harassing and treating them as foreigners is totally unjust. He said that our country presently engulfed in many crises especially Karachi, which is prone to daily chaos and target killing has become a daily routine. On Ashura day blast, killing and mayhem revealed the truth of government fragility to protect the lives and property of people. He said that after Ashura mayhem it was government responsibility to investigate and arrest the real culprits of the incident but Interior Minister gave directives of crackdown against loyal Bengla, Bermi speaking People. He said that establishment of Pakistan was based on the ideology of Islam and it is multilingual and multi-nations country. Bengla and Bermis gave maximum sacrifices in Pakistan Movement even when East Pakistan separated and came into being as Bangladesh these bengla people remained loyal with Pakistan. He said that Jamat-e-Islami would always stand with them and raise its voice at all platform for the rights of all innocent people. He urged the authorities to direct all the officials of NARA and NADRA to stop harassing these innocent people. If they think that there was a need of any inquiry or investigation against any person of these communities and it did not mean to harass entire communities he added. He enthusiastically assured to crowd that JI supports you and would not leave you alone in this time of hardship and would do its utmost to resolve all your issues JI considers action against you as action against Pakistan. Hameed-ullah Khan on the occasion said that Bengal was the hub of Pakistan Movement and Muslims belonging to Bengal sacrificed everything for its independence. Persons like Rehman Malik who boost themselves as patriot they should study the history before saying Bengalis are foreigners. There were many reasons due to which Pakistan broke into two separate entities one of them was people like him who were in the helm of affairs started conspiring against Pakistan on linguistic basis. Nasr Ullah Khan Shajeeh addressing the rally said, We got independence for the sake Islam and Bengla people gave the maximum sacrifice they gave lives and blood for this Pakistan. He said that they work here and serve Pakistan as the same way as other Pakistani are serving the country he demanded immediate action against those officials of NADRA and NARA who were harassing the loyal and patriotic Bengal and Bermis. Representing Human Rights Youth Organization M Usman said that government should stop arresting those Bengal speaking people who have all required documents for Pakistani nationality as any action against them is clear violation of human rights. He demanded the protection and respect for the rights of Bengla speaking people. Dr. Muhammad Anwar and Faiza Rehman also addressed the rally.