America is a big country but its policies are mean. It loves to interfere in the affairs of other countries. It loves to act like the policeman of the world and has virtually destroyed peace of the whole world by poking its ugly nose everywhere. The US gives a lot of aid to other countries yet almost every country that receives the US aid, in cash or kind, hates the Americans. There is something drastically wrong with the US foreign policy. That is why it is the most hated country on the face of the earth today. Another big country that is equally mean is India. 'The shining India, as it loves to call itself specializes, very like the US, in maligning itself. A case in point is the Indian Premier League III (IPL-3). This year like previous years, IPL is again holding a 20-20 cricket gala inviting bids for players from all over the world. In IPL bidding, Pakistani players were not only overlooked deliberately but humiliated as well. -ASHRAF TAIRANWALA, Gujranwala, January 23.