WASHINGTON - The United States says it continues to have a "significant dialogue" with India, Pakistan and Afghanistan on efforts to stabilize the region. "This is a common challenge, and it is part of our ongoing dialogue with all three of these countries," State Department spokesman P. J. Crowley said Friday while responding to a question by an Indian correspondent about Defence Secretary Robert Gates visit to the three South Asian nations. "Not only Gates, but Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and 'others - we continue to have significant dialogue with the Government of Pakistan, the Government of India, the Government of Afghanistan about how we can have stability, dialogue and cooperation across the region," he told as news briefing ast the State Department. "That is ultimately how jointly, these countries together with the United States, together with the international community, will be able to stabilise the region and defeat and deter political extremists who threaten, in different ways, all three countries," Crowley said. Asked to comment on reported warnings put out by India about potential hijackings in the country, the spokesman said he did not have any information and "I'll defer to the Department of Homeland Security." The Indian correspondent, known for his anti-Pakistan question, also asked whether Gates had urged Pakistan to do more against terrorists, and whether FBI was hiring more and more Pakistanis-Americans. "I probably would challenge the facts behind your question, but I would defer to the FBI in terms of the ongoing interaction that it is having with the Pakistan American community here in the United States. I dont think youve got that quite right," Crowley retorted.