Everyone wants a multi-purpose shoes which can be adapted to the need. These are important buy for travelers and tourists. These can be converted from joggers to sandals by just removing the upper body of the joggers. These shoes come in a variety of colours and sizes. They are made of leather and rubber and are considerably less painful than other shoes in the market. Multi-purpose shoes look like ordinary shoes but have special features. The mechanism in these shoes is very simple. The sole of the shoe remains the same only difference is the covering. The upper body of the shoes can be removable to convert a jogger into a sandal by a zip.

Multi-purpose shoes can minimize space in your luggage and make your journey comfortable. People don’t slip while wearing these shoes. In a survey people gave more votes to these shoes than any other. Multi-purpose shoes are good for running because they work well for  paved roads and paths. They can also handle the occasional hard-packed dirt path, wood-chip trail, fire road, or nature trial. They are lighter than trail runners. They allow a runner’s feet a little more flexibility than some other running shoe does.

Style is another essential feature for many people. Some people prefer a chunky, heavy-duty shoe with thick soles for off-road running. Others like a streamlined look that narrows the appearance of the foot. Multi-purpose shoes has a unique look. For multi-purpose shoes, a higher price is usually indicative of higher quality. A higher price is sometimes a result of the extensive research that goes into the manufacturer’s trademark technology.

However, buying the perfect pair of running shoes can make the difference between a great run and a run that leaves men with blisters, joint pain, or even sprains so multi-purpose shoes is a good option. Features of multi-purpose shoes are a perfect fit, ankle support, arch support, terrain-appropriate design, high-quality construction, style, and affordable pricing. Due to the lack of raw materials and technology this product can’t be made in Pakistan. But according to the survey mostly the Pakistani teenagers, college students’ showed interest in the shoes.


Lahore, January 22.