LAHORE - General Cadre Doctors’ Association Punjab President Dr Masood Sheikh has said the doctors’ community has started losing trust in the Health Care Commission .
He said that the commission formed with the aim of improving the health status of the province has not been focusing on its target. The HCC should take the organisation of doctors on board before making any decision on the current issue, he added.
Dr Masood criticised that quackery has been ignored, while the fact is that no improvement in health care system is possible without eradicating quackery. He said that the primary target of the commission should be to focus on this menace, and doctor’s organisations are ready to help it out in this regard. He added that this is not only prevalent in the rural community but unfortunately quacks also have a huge network in the big cities.
Addressing the Association’s meeting, Dr Rana Imtiaz said that GCDA has formulated suggestions after consultation with the general cadre doctors for the betterment of the commission . “We are in favour of maintaining popper disciple in the doctor’s community, but that has to be across the board. Anti-doctors policy will not be tolerated anymore.” Dr Muhammad Ejaz said that the commission can go step by step, and instead of penalising doctors of the general cadre and private sector, they should focus on malpractices.