BAJAUR AGENCY - The political administration  on Thursday asked the elders of Salarzai tribe to speed up efforts for keeping peace and establishing writ of the government in their area. The tribesmen were also urged to extend their anti-militants activities to border areas of the region.
This direction was given by Bajaur Agency Political Agent Syed Abdul Jabar Shah while addressing a grand jirga of Salarzai tribe here on Thursday. The jirga was attended by a large number of tribal elders, senior members of village defence committees and senior officials of local administration and the security forces included Commandant Bajaur Scouts. Several matters included issues related to peace, writ of the government, status of anti-militant activities and works on development schemes in the region was discussed in the jirga.  Speaking on the occasion, political agent said that law and order situation in Salarzai tehsil was under control and situation in the area going well since the fall of Taliban but it’s does not mean that anti- social elements have finished and the area has been secured forever. “Not only the administration but the whole government and the people of agency had recognised the valuable sacrifices of the people of Salarzai tribe for the cause of eliminating militancy and restoration of peace in the agency but the elders should ready for do more in the larger interest of the area as some elements did not want peace and normalcy and they want to create disturbance in the agency,” he added. He urged the elders to enhance anti-militant activities and alert to prevent militants’ to enter their area. He advised the elders to avoid personal disputes and play their role for keeping peace and writ of the government in the area as peace and writ of the government was very important for the development and prosperity of the agency.
He claimed that the administration was aware of the problems and hurdles being faced by the tribesmen of Salarzai tribe and huge amounts were being spent for providing basic and modern civic facilities to the people of backward areas. He said that several mega development projects in the area will be started very soon while some in pipeline which would help improve the life standard of tribesmen being ignored in the past Bajaur scouts, Commandant Col Mir Ameer Ali said this during his address to the participants on the occasion.
He said that the security forces aware of the problems and needs of the tribesmen and the forces would work for the welfare of tribesmen.  He called upon the elders to continue their support to security forces and should utilise their efforts for keeping peace in the region.
On the occasion, the elders of Salarzai tribe said that they would continue extending full support to the administration and security forces. They said that they were committed to maintain peace and writ of the government in the area.