LAHoRE - The PPP has blamed the government for ignoring the activity of banned organizations in Punjab.

“Control on the activity of the proscribed organizations is very loose in Punjab,” PPP central information secretary Qamar Zaman Kaira told the media here yesterday.

However, he appreciated the army, rangers and agencies for their part in war on terror.

He said after Indian allegation on Pathankot incident, the government took action against a banned organization and closed down its offices. He wondered how the offices of this organization were open when a ban was placed on it.

Alluding Islamabad Lal Masjid Imam Mualana Abdul Aziz, he said, he was free about his activity and spreading a specific ideology of Islam despite glaring evidence against him.

“This all has to be curbed through strict implementation of the NAP which is not visible so far,” he said adding, the government must take serious action to eliminate terrorism and extremism and the PPP will fully stand with it.

Restriction on the use of loudspeaker is not all about implementing the NAP, he added. He said slow action on NAP shows surrender of the government to the evildoers. Kaira wondered the inaction by Interior Minister towards NAP implementation and wanted him to play his part for the cause.

He said the PML-N government needs to think above its political interest to end these scourge in the country. This party has majority in the parliament and we are with the government to adopt any measure to rise to the occasion, he vowed.

On Pakistan inclusion in 34-state joint Muslim force, he said the moot question is whether this force will also operate to annihilate terrorism in Pakistan.

Speaking on CPEC, TAPI and Pak-Iran gas-pipeline, Kaira claimed they were brainchild of the PPP government but got delayed about implementation due to situation in Afghanistan and segregation of India from pipeline project.