MOHMAND AGENCY - A tribal jirga of the elders of Haleemzai clan was held here at Ghaiba Khawar on Saturday and gave a week’s deadline to end the drug dealers in the Mohmand tribal region.

They also signed an agreement unanimously that if one found in drugs or ice selling then he would pay Rs 200000 as fine and jirga will conduct activities against him according to the tribal customs.

The jirga were attended by a large numbers of tribal elders form Wali Baig, Kadi Khel and Hamza Khel tribes.

Addressing the jirga tribal elders Malik Amir Nawaz Khan, Malik Ilyas Khan, Malik Haji Jan, Malik Adam Khan, President Mohmand Welfare Organization (MWO) Mir Afzal, Malik Nader, Malik Muhambar, Malik Nazir, Malik Ajmal and President of Anti-drug organization Shabqadar Rabat Khan warns the drugs dealers end drugs in a week otherwise they will take action against the dealers. They said if a drugs seller is arrested by the authority none of the elders will struggle for his release and recommended that they will follow the jirga agreement.

Tribal elders also distributed pamphlets against drug dealers in various localities. They said that drug is a scourge that is devastating the whole society in the tribal region. On the occasion they also formed a committee and that committee will ensure the identification and prevention of drugs in the area. All the tribal elders are included in this committee.