I am an older woman, trying to fight for a just resolution of cases. I am fighting against a real estate developer, for over 2 years. I executed a sale deed. In early 2014, and the contract was to be finalised within 2 months. The buyer requested for an extension with the excuse, that he had suffered huge financial losses. I complied with his request. However, the extension period also elapsed and he turned up at my place again to get a further extension. I was told he was in dire need of money and was trying his best to raise money in order to finalise the sale deed. Again I believed his sob-story and gave a further extension without charging any penalty. The 2nd extension also elapsed. 

The gentleman simply disappeared from the scene. I had, had enough, I sent him a legal notice and returned, very frustrated to Canada. The buyer got a Pay Order made on December 18, 2014. He then claimed in his counter suit that he had tried his best to give me the Pay Order and that I had refused to accept the same. This blatant lie could have been exposed out-right, had my lawyer not tampered with the dates of the events. I had already returned to Canada on November 15, 2014. During my absence from Pakistan, a junior lawyer e-mailed several statements to me. These were to be signed by me and returned to them ASAP. I wrote back, pointing out the glaring errors in the dates and some other facts. I refused to sign and return the statements. After my return to Pakistan on December 7, 2016 I met my lawyer, we were to discuss the hearing that was to be held on January 10, 2017. My lawyer seemed unaware of and upset by the correspondence his junior had been carrying on with me during my absence from Pakistan. He put my mind at rest, assured me I had nothing to worry about, since I had not signed or submitted the statements in court. He pretended to be very concerned and prepared a letter addressed to the Chief Justice of Punjab, requesting his intervention to help me get speedy Justice. I was told, being an elderly, over-seas Pakistani lady, I would definitely be heard on compassionate grounds. 

I was instructed to sign the typed letter and deliver it personally to the Chief Justice of Punjab. However, I was shocked to note that the letter was actually referring to the Counter-Case, that had been filed by the buyer against me. My case was not even mentioned. It had been written with the devious intention to help the defaulter, in the case. I am fortunate to have noted this mischief on time. The hearing on January 10, 2017 was also handled in a very mischievous manner. My lawyer specifically told me to report later, in the day to the court, since there was no chance of any cases to be heard before 12 Noon. However, I had started feeling uneasy and decided to go early. While I was on the way my lawyer’s munshi telephoned to tell me that I will be required to show my passport to the judge. I was told to turn back and bring my passport with me. I said that would take time because my passport was in the locker in my bank. He replied that the cases would not be heard till later in the afternoon and there was no hurry. I suspected foul play and rushed to the court room, and was shocked to see that not only was my lawyer present there, he had in fact almost finished his verbal statement before the Judge. There was simply no mention of my passport anymore! My lawyer hurriedly, handed me a typed statement to sign which I did, right in front of the Judge without even giving it a glance. I was visibly devastated by that time. I have been harassed by the buyer for too long. My lawyer on the other hand has betrayed my trust outrageously. I am writing this letter with the hope that the Honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan will kindly take notice and intervene to get the cases I am involved in, investigated and Justice be done without further delay. I have suffered too much, both financially and emotionally, have visited Pakistan repeatedly, stayed in places that are very expensive, for security reasons. Now even my health has started to suffer. I am praying, there is still hope for my voice to be heard in the land of my birth. 


January 23.