President Barack Obama was a product of miscegenation. His mother was white, and his father was from Kenya. During his Presidency, he signed an Executive Decision compelling all American movie studios to institute racial quotas for negro race in all American movies. And since then every single movie that has played in America in theaters has at least one shot of a negro in it, including historical films in which negro race had no part, and old German fairy tales in which negro race have no conceivable role. 

The movie Lincoln showed miscegenation with a white congressman, Tommy Lee Jones, and his negro housekeeper. More recently, Dunkirk had a few seconds worth of negro faces which if you did not expect it, you might miss; it is psychological warfare. The Darkest Hour movie about British PM Churchill also has negros in it. All of Hollywood’s casting people and directors are aware of this Executive Decision, yet no one in the press has spoken openly about it. It cannot be reversed by Donald Trump. It has to be challenged in a US Federal District Court, and I bet that no court will ever enforce it since it is plainly un-American to force Hollywood to enforce racial quotas via government fiat. 

The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, is not free anymore. It is no different than any other totalitarian State. 


USA, January 5.