KARACHI (PR) - All Pakistan Newspapers Society President Hameed Haroon and Secretary General Sarmad Ali have stated that the exemption of import duty will provide relief to the newspaper industry which is facing acute financial crunch due to unprecedented increase in the prices of newsprint in the international market coupled with depreciation of Pakistani rupee.

They pointed out that earlier the APNS had raised the issue with Prime Minister Imran Khan at a meeting in October 2018 wherein he had very kindly announced to exempt import duty on newsprint but unfortunately the notification was delayed.

The APNS is pleased to note that the federal government has now fulfilled the promise made by the Prime Minister.

The APNS while expressing its gratitude hopes that the federal govt would come forward and provide a bailout package for the crisis-ridden print media by clearing the long outstanding dues and increase the quantum of advertisements especially for the smaller and regional newspapers.