The French president’s statement comes amid a crisis in Caracas, where the head of the opposition-run National Assembly, Juan Guaido, has declared himself the country's interim president, with the US and several other countries recognising him.

"After the illegitimate election of Nicolas Maduro in May 2018, Europe has supported the re-establishment of democracy. I praise the courage of the hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans who are marching for their liberty", Macron said on Twitter.

On Wednesday, Washington promised to take action against President Maduro and his supporters if they attempt to harm members of the National Assembly or other opposition officials.

In the meantime, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo rejected President Maduro's decision to break ties with Washington and called on the Venezuelan military to protect US citizens. He went on to say that the United States would take appropriate action to hold anyone accountable who endangers the safety of American diplomatic personnel.