Tehran believes that recent events in Venezuela are the result of US interfering in the country's domestic affairs and hopes for a peaceful settlement of Venezuela's political contradictions, the spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Bahram Qassemi, said Thursday.

"Iran opposes any interference into the internal affairs of Venezuela, as well as illegal and unconstitutional steps, such as an attempted coup, and supports the government and people of this country", the spokesman said in a statement, adding that the US "openly interference" in Venezuela's domestic affairs was to blame for the crisis.

The ministry also expressed hope that Venezuela's internal political contradictions could be resolved peacefully as soon as possible with the help of legitimate levers and peacefully. 

The statement of the Islamic Republic comes after the US and some other countries recognised head of the disempowered National Assembly Juan Guaido as the "rightful head" of Venezuela and urged President Nicolas Maduro to "step aside".