This refers to the letter published on January 4th, 2019 regarding water issue in North Karachi. I agree with the writer Mr. Naveed Ahmed but with some addition, that the residents of sector-8 have been experiencing scarcity of water for the last several months and now-a-days valve men supply water to the residents of sector-8 once in 15 days. Residents of sector-8 have never experienced such scarcity of water ever before and used to get water thrice in a week but the situation has changed drastically. After every 15 days water is supplied to resident of sector-8 which remained open for back to back 3-4 days. As a result, water is wasted because underground water tanks fill in a day while water is kept coming for 3-4 days.

An application was written to concerned Executive engineer of KW&SB with a copy to Chairman water Board and Commission but situation has not yet improved. Supply of water could easily be managed if they supply water twice in a week instead of supplying water for continuous 3-4 days after every 15 days. Wasting water in such scarcity is not affordable in any condition. Concerned authority should look into this matter and resolve at earliest.


Karachi, January 9.