Recently, abortions rates are on a rise in Pakistan as abortions have become the only means to exercise birth control. Most of these abortions are being conducted in unsafe environments which adds on to the problems faced by women in the country.

The shadow of patriarchal social norms is being reflected in the form of high rate of unintended pregnancies which further allows room for high abortion rates in Pakistan. Undoubtedly it’s a vicious circle of patriarchy that haunts and transfers the suffering on to women. Women continue to suffer in the suffocating male-centered environment, plagued by unsafe abortions, forced marriages, attacks, rape etc. An active effort needs to be made to introduce programs and seminars focusing on awareness on violence against women. Additionally, to tackle the rising abortion rates, added awareness needs to be carried out on the availability of various contraceptive methods.

Indeed, it is difficult to completely eradicate existing patriarchic norms in the Pakistani society until or unless a holistic and strategic approach is applied.


Gujrat, January 13.