ISLAMABAD-The Islamabad Capital City (ICT) administration has decided to join hands with Quaid-e-Azam University (QAU) for road safety awareness campaign in the city.

Around 27,000 people die on road accidents every year in Pakistan. Over 50,000 get disabled and Rs500 billion is lost in such accidents, according to the officials. 70 percent of the road accidents are due to motorcycles.

Cell phones, over speeding, and wrong turns without indicators are all major causes of these accidents, the experts believe.

They propose that heavy fines, electronic surveillance, and installation of microchips in every vehicle as a solution to road accidents. But in their opinion, first step is road safety awareness.

“Wearing seat belts, helmets and no use of cell phones can save lives,” they argue. Similarly, there is a need to change behaviour of the drivers.

Islamabad Administration and Sociology Department of Quaid-e-Azam University have joined hands to create awareness about road safety in the safety with a slogan “Join us in saving lives.” In order to work on reducing accidents on road, Islamabad Administration and the Sociology Department will start with awareness and research and will then implement solutions given by the experts.

The officials believe that it they are able to create awareness on the issue, they can save 70 percent of lives.