Technological and digital advancements in Pakistan are a key goal for the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf (PTI) government, as witnessed by PM’s meetings with several heads - Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg and YouTube Chief Executive Officer Susan Wojcicki - of digital and technology firms at the World Economic Forum (WEF). In the last decade, digital media has become of utmost importance for entrepreneurs along with those working to improve digital literacy in Pakistan. These startups deal with a variety of areas in the digital sphere - digital marketing, e-commerce, social entrepreneurship, entertainment, policy, and governance. In order for them to be able to sustain themselves in the Pakistani market, they need support, particularly financial support. This is why companies like Facebook and YouTube have been encouraged to open up incubators in the country.

This will help leading digital businesses to get in touch with a vast majority of the youth in the country, that can then be employed in the digital arena - helping the PTI government to fulfill its promises of jobs to the youth in the current political tenure. Being able to work closely with members of the companies will allow the youth to understand how to use their interface, market their product, and how to adapt to the changes in their algorithms to sustain their online presence along with developing an understanding of the changing digital space. The reason why this practice will also be beneficial for the companies is that most of the policymaking is being done on the advancements of the first world, leaving out how content is being generated online in the developing world. Digital is one of the spaces that can allow the equitable distribution and understanding of the policies being considered for online operations.

Entrepreneurship in Pakistan has been sidelined due to a number of factors. Such initiatives, particularly on part of the government and with the help of these digital giants, can create a favourable environment for those willing to test waters in the digital arena. At the same time, the government can also look for solutions when it comes to good governance, poverty alleviation through the use of connectivity and increased economic transactions through mobile. Digital space can help lessen the gaps between the population and their representatives, an example of which is the Citizen Portal that has been active since PM Khan assumed power.