PESHAWAR - Jamaat-e-Islami Khyber Pakhtunkhwa chapter announced holding

protest demonstrations

and rallies on Friday (today) against the unabated price-hike, increasing unemployment, and

government’s anti-masses policies and taxes on

poor people.

JI chapter ameer, Senator Mushtaq Ahmad Khan

has said that holding of

fresh elections is the only

option to steer the country out of prevailing crisis as the incumbent

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf-led government badly failed to deliver.

Speaking a news conference at Peshawar

Press Club on Thursday,

the JI provincial chief

held the PTI-led federal and provincial governments responsible

for current price-hike of

daily commodities, unprecedented increase in

electricity and gas tariffs, flour and sugar crisis, and rampant corruption in government

departments during last

one and half years. He

added that the incumbent government has

started snatching morsel

from the mouth of people

since it came into power.

He lamented that prices of essential food commodities are skyrocketing in the country that

made the lives of poor

masses miserable. The

incompetent government itself admitted

about the hike in prices

of medicines, while despite increase in power

and gas tariffs, electricity

and gas are unavailable

to people in their homes,

he said. He also said that

price of petroleum products is gradually increasing in the county despite

its declining trend in the

global market.

Senator Mushtaq said

the poor people were

kicking the bucket because of the storm of anti-masses policies of the


“Those who had talked about creating job opportunities for more than

10 million, had ultimately unemployed around

3.4million people during

last only 16 months”, the

JI leader said. He said Pakistani rupee was sharply devalued against the

currency of even war

torn Afghanistan, Bangladesh and much populated India.

Senator Mushtaq

further said that the

non-availability of flour

and roti (bread) in an agricultural country is incomprehensible, adding

that the people wait in

long queues to get a bag

of flour.