With the increased ratio of rape attempts in Pakistan, what we have failed to realize is the existence of the perpetrators and how they are formed in a society. We usually talk about how cruel they might be and how they should be punished, but we never ask how inspite of increasing number of rapes every year, the number is still increasing? As visual and vivid it gets on the media, still more cases are popping out. What is this sensation of fearlessness in the perpetrators?

Surprisingly, the answer to this question is not so simple. The stereotypical answers that we usually drive from a rape case is that ‘the rapist might be drunk’ or ‘someone paid him to do so’. But the psychology of the perpetrator is way more complex than this. As suggested by researchers of criminal psychology “people who steal stuff also steal sex”. And the list goes on.

We usually have this perception that the perpetrators are somewhat silent, and they do not appear openly, but the research conducted in various universities of USA depicted that they can be ‘generalist’ or ‘specialist’. From a research conducted with the title “Are you a rapist?”, the researchers announced that the confessors will remain anonymous. To our amazement, several people confessed leaving the team with a shock. These were people from different realms of life. Now they were two types majorly witnessed; one of which were people who thought that the victim were the ones responsible for such an attempt. The others were the ones who actually thought that they were responsible for the attempt and hence they somewhat stopped themselves. Another type were the ones having hostile attitude towards women.

Furthermore, narcistic people are said to be involved in such attempts. Whatever type of attempts, one must understand that they can be anywhere and there is no way to identify them. The question here arises, that in a society where rapist is on the leash and there are no actions taken by any department, what will be the future?

The answer is to save our present. There is no doubt that the public has received enormous shocks of the rape victims, but we cannot underestimate the fact that these rapists are product of our society and upbringing. There is definitely problem with the upbringing that is creating such problems in our society. If your boy is not able to see others as victims, then this can be a great problem. We see so many parents always telling children to stay firm to their ground even when they are ones committing the mistake. This psychology of being right and perfect all the time creates an egoistic man who can turn out to be someone damaging others, thinking that his violence has a ‘cause’.

We also see people hiding or running away from situations, because in Pakistan we believe that you can get away with anything as long as you are undercover or hidden. And sadly, we see so many criminals hiding for decades and finally come for a confession when caught by the police. If we try to highlight the root cause, we can see that in our society we discourage our children to confess or speak the truth. We encourage our children to speak what we need to listen or what they ought to say. Such upbringing is creating such perpetrators who attempt rapes and run away from it.

It is high time that we must change our society and our upbringing from the root level. For the purpose, it is essential that not just children, but parents should also be a part of the counseling. The government and civil activist must come with a public well being program where such initiatives of good parenting should be introduced in rural and remote areas of Pakistan. Also, for the sake of a better generation, issues like rape, harassment, and other criminal acts should be taught in universities so that the youth understands the gravity of the situation. It is important that we must educate our young ones about this social malice, otherwise we will have another generation crying over the same issues.