I request you to publish my letter as I want to drag the attention of Pakistani muslims as well as Government of Pakistan for identification of the condition of Muslims in China.

The condition of Muslims in China(Xinjiang) is getting worsen day by day , muslims there are forced to eat pork or to disrespect their religion on the basis of conversion of their religion, The womens are foreced to marry a non muslims, they are beaten to death if they refuse any of their demand , their children suffer from hunger all these things are against the universal declaration of human rights because according to Article 12 : (No one shall be subjected to arbitrary of his privacy, family and nor to attack his honour and reputation ) or Article 8 : (Every one has the right to freedom of thought as well as their religion) China is disrespecting all these rights and torturing Muslims as their not humans

On this account i have concluded that the whole Muslim society should raise the voice against it as well as Un is so quite however whole World can see what is happening with Muslims in China they are disrespecting universal rights.

And Pakistan should also help Muslims by various things first they can atleast have a strict talk with China on this topic or they can threaten to cut all the ties with China instead of thinking about their own benefit. The solution for this would not be immediate but it will make an emphasis on China that they cannot harm Muslims the way they want they are as independent im China as the Chinese are.