ISLAMABAD-Over two dozen students of a government-run school fainted on Thursday after they were administered de-worming medicine under an official campaign.

The incident took place at Federal Government School for Boys, National Institute of Health. However, ministries of health and education denied the increased number of students who fell ill after medication.

Details available with The Nation said that all government-run schools under Federal Directorate of Education were observing De-worming Day and children aged from five to 14 years were administrated the medicines.

Before the campaign was initiated, all parents were sent a form of consent to be signed for administration of the de-worming medicine to their children.

Students and parents informed that around 70 children were administrated the medicine and 25 fainted after reaction of the medicines which also spread panic.

They also said that nearly 25 children were shifted to Federal General Hospital while 40 were sent to nearby dispensaries and Rural Health Unit.

A student, Abdullah, said that the medicine was administered by teachers not doctors and nearly 25 students fainted in the result and were shifted to hospital.

Another student, Ahmed, also said that medicine was not administered by any doctor and above 18 students fainted when teachers gave tablets to students.

Muhammad Nawaz, grandfather of a student named Sanullah, said that his grandson was shifted to hospital after he was given de-worming medicine at school.

He said that it was fault on the part of the all departments running this campaign that above two dozen students were shifted to hospital. “This should be taken serious,” he said.

Munawar Azeem, father of a student, also said that parents were not taken on board regarding this campaign and negligence was shown by the administration.

He said that medicine should have been administered by a doctor while teachers were given responsibility for administration of the medicine.

According to the admission slips of the students shifted to hospital, they were brought in hospital emergency at 09:30am, just half an hour after administration of the medicine.

Hospital officials said that children brought in hospital were not well and they were treated in emergency to stabilise their health situation.

Director of the De-Worming project in government schools, Javed Iqbal Mirza, said that the campaign was launched with the joint collaboration of Ministry of Federal Education, Ministry of NHS and Ministry of Planning and Division.

He said that under the campaign, 574,000 children of public, private and religious seminaries students were to be administered de-worming medicine.

He informed that all teachers under this programme were given proper training and were informed about the side effects of the medicines also. And all health facilities including major public and hospitals were informed and taken onboard.

“Chief Commissioner Office and District Health Office were also informed,” he said.

Denying the large number of affected students, he said that mild side effects were reported in some areas in result of the de-worming campaign.

He said that six cases were reported after the side effects of the medicines out of which two were stable at school and two were referred to hospital.

Mirza said that all students are out of danger and the programme is being run following the guidelines of World Health Organization with complete planning.

He said that the campaign was started on the study based on the survey conducted in 2016 as the prevalence of the disease in the children residing in Islamabad is very high.

Ministry of NHS spokesperson said that only two students were sent to hospital.