ISLAMABAD-Special Assistant to Prime Minister (SAPM) on National Health Services on Thursday said that Sehat Sahulat Programme is running successfully in 84 districts and 300 public private empanelled hospitals.

SAPM on National Health Services Dr. Zafar Mirza said that Sehat Sahulat Programme is the biggest social health protection initiative of the country and it is moving to achieve the mission of prosperous and healthy nation.

Through this social health protection initiative, 9 million families in the country have been provided with free of cost health insurance to secure indoor health care services from empanelled hospitals through a very transparent and computerised mechanism. The services which are available from Sehat Insaf Card includes open heart surgeries, insertion of stents, management of cancer, neurosurgical procedures, burn management, accident management, dialysis, intensive care management, deliveries, C section and other medical/surgical procedures.

The programme will also provide Rs1,000 transportation cost to its beneficiaries at the time of their discharge from hospital. There is also provision of burial support as Rs10,000 per death (if it occurs in hospital). There is facility of inter provincial/inter-district portability for availing free of cost services from any empanelled hospital in Pakistan.

Dr Mirza said Sehat Sahulat Programme in Pakistan is one of the leading initiatives of the current political government in Pakistan through which support and assistance is provided to poor families across the country.

Through Sehat Insaf cards, persons with disabilities and their registered families as well as transgender persons will also be provided with similar benefits. This is the first-ever initiative aimed for the well-being of the population with physical challenges and disabilities as well as for the transgender community by the Government of Pakistan.

During the briefing, Chief Executive Officer of Sehat Sahulat Programme informed SAPM that there is stringent monitoring mechanism which is being maintained through feedback calls from beneficiaries, which showed 97 per cent satisfaction rate for the services being provided by empanelled hospitals.

He ensured that with their commitment and efforts, this scheme will bring robust improvement in treatment and access to quality healthcare services to the poor and vulnerable families.