PESHAWAR (AFP/Reuters) - The Taliban on Thursday denied claims that Maulana Fazlullah, architect of a brutal uprising in Swat valley, was wounded and threatened to unleash renewed holy war. Government said on July 8 it had credible information that Fazlullah was hurt during a blistering offensive designed to crush Taliban militants in the Swat valley. Taliban chief Fazlullah is alive, healthy and has never been wounded, the spokesman, Muslim Khan, told AFP and Reuters by telephone from an undisclosed location. Neither the claim by the military nor the Taliban has been supported by any evidence or independent confirmation. As the architect of an uprising that marked the only time that a district under government control effectively slipped into hands of the Taliban, Fazlullah has a 50-million-rupee price on his head. All of the Taliban leadership in Swat are alive and are in hiding with a strategy, the Taliban spokesman told AFP on Thursday. Khan vowed that the Swat Taliban would continue to fight there, rather than moving to the South Waziristan tribal region. The army is preparing for a campaign against Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud in that region, which borders Afghanistan. Well fight everywhere. We have lot of fighters in South Waziristan, Khan said, referring to the overall Pakistani Taliban. Theyll fight there and well continue our fight here. Khan also played what he said was an audio tape of Fazlullah recorded on Wednesday. It was not possible to verify the authenticity of the recording. Pakistani rulers and generals have carried out suppression on Pashtuns and the people of Malakand division to please the United States, Fazlullah said, according to the recording. My innocent brothers and sisters, peace cannot be restored until Islamic Shariah laws are enforced. Our goal is only to implement the Shariah laws and were ready to sacrifice the last drops of our blood. Army artillery and tanks cannot prevent us from achieving our objective, he added. Khan was the main mouthpiece for Fazlullah, but went to ground with the rest of the Taliban Swat leadership when the offensive began. He is included in a list of 16 most-wanted Taliban commanders and the government has slapped a 10-million-rupee price on his head. Military spokesman Major General Athar Abbas told AFP he had not heard the statement from Muslim Khan and reserved making a direct response. But he reiterated that the military received information from the area of an air strike that Fazlullah had been wounded in the raid. The Taliban spokesman accused government of claiming killings and injuries in order to get more and more dollars. Meanwhiel, three policemen were killed in roadside bomb explosions near two checkposts in Shangla and Karak on Thursday. Two policemen were killed and three others wounded when a roadside bomb exploded near a checkpoint in Shangla district, police said. A bomb hidden in a supposed gift of a tape recorder killed another policeman at a checkpoint outside the town of Karak, which borders the Taliban-infested North Waziristan tribal district, another officer said.