ISLAMABAD - The FIA has detected a massive gas theft scam involving CNG stations and industrial units, in connivance with SNGPL staff causing an annual loss of over Rs 11 billion to the national exchequer, sources told The Nation. The meter checking staff of Sui Northern Gas Pipeline is involved in this criminal act by fixing a remote controlled electronic device in meters for reversing and stopping, the sources said. The FIA has forwarded the criminal findings to the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural resources, which in turn is reported to have constituted a committee headed by Director (Technical) for further investigation of the matter. The committee will submit its recommendations for action to be taken within two weeks. The investigation agency has also nominated the staff involved in this crime who have pocketed millions from the CNG stations and industry owners and are living a luxurious life. Te sources, however, say that the magnitude of losses clearly show involvement of higher management as well. It is expected that strict action will be taken against these criminals, but according to the sources there is no law to arrest and investigate the culprits involved in gas theft. The sources further revealed that the FIA and the committee has given suggestion to the government to take action against the criminals under 409 PPC, which relates to tampering. According to the FIA investigation, 70 percent of Rs 11.1 billion loss is being caused by CNG stations, 20 percent by industrial units while commercial and domestic consumers cause 5 percent loss to the national exchequer. The FIA has suggested for survey of CNG stations giving discounts, which it fears are the main culprits, and intelligence collection about meter checking laboratories and big industries using gas. It has also called for preparation of synchronized action in different cities and continued special monitoring.