PHUKET, Thailand, (AFP) - US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Thursday hailed Pakistans courageous progress against Taliban and Al-Qaeda extremists after holding talks with the countrys foreign minister. Mrs Clinton, who met with Shah Mehmood Qureshi at a major Asian security forum in Thailand, also said Pakistan had made impressive progress in dealing with nearly two million people displaced by battles against the Taliban. We talked about the encouraging signs in Pakistans fight against violent extremists, Mrs Clinton told reporters at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Regional Forum in the Thai beach resort of Phuket. Mrs Clinton said that there were still great challenges ahead facing Pakistan including the ongoing threat of violent extremism and continued economic difficulties. But I assured the foreign minister that the United States stands ready to help the Pakistani government and people, she added. Security forces in April launched an offensive in northwest districts after Taliban rebels advanced towards Islamabad. The clashes sparked a huge exodus as people rushed to escape the fighting. Mrs Clinton told Qureshi that the progress your government is making in this effort of a significant return of people back to their homes, because of the success of the government policy and military action, is impressive. The US has offered to continue to work with Pakistan in what ways Pakistan feels appropriate in a courageous struggle against violence and extremism, she told him, saying she looked forward to visiting the country later this year. Qureshi told reporters he was delighted to meet with Mrs Clinton and said his country would continue to work closely with the US.