KARACHI - The Karachi Electric Supply Company on Thursday at 2:00pm supplied 2,080 megawatts power against a total demand of 2,152MWs. Independent Power Plant Gul Ahmed is expected to come back online late in the night. Tapal-Baldia circuit will resume function by July 24 (today). Addressing a media briefing on Thursday afternoon, Jan Abbas Zaidi, chief operating officer distribution, KESC, he said that the gap of 72MWs had occurred due to the falling of transmission towers in Tapal-Baldia circuit, on which repair work was being carried out, and the circuit would hopefully resume work by July 24 (today). Zaidi was accompanied by Ayesha Eirabie, director corporate communications. On the other hand, the IPP Gul Ahmed was also expected to resume supply by tonight. High-tension wires had been stolen from West Baloch Grid station the previous evening which had been replaced in a very short span of time by the Transmission Department and the grid had been put back on track the same night. He said that the Meteorological Department had forecast a dust and thunderstorm before July 25 in Karachi and the utility had been making fresh arrangements, given events also of this last week, to deal with the likely emergencies. Inventories had been filled and the overworked employees had been facilitated to freshen up. He further said that the utility had added various mobile phone lines at its call centre so that the complaints could still be received even if the landlines went out during rains. Zaidi said that during the past 24 hours, 53 faults had been registered with the KESC of which 48 had been repaired. Also, 195 tripped feeders had been fixed. At some places, feeders had to be shutdown for repair. Work was underway at Khayaban-e-Sahar, Saudi Residency, 3rd Commercial Street where lead had been stolen, Askari Town 160KV PMT, Meraj Naveed Colony, a 500KV PMT in North Karachi, and another PMT at PTV Housing Society. Six dedicated feeders and three residential feeders in the SITE Area had been carbonised by adverse weather conditions and which are under repair. At Korangi, another six feeders, four sub-stations, two main cables and three link cables were being fixed, he added. He reiterated the caution to the Karachi population about the hazards of fallen and broken live wires and rain-soaked electric installations. He appreciated the cooperation on the part of the consumers as well as the Town Nazims, who had been informing the KESC of such incidents during the recent rains. Ayesha Eirabie said that the consumers might wait for repair of rain-related faults till the rain stopped. Attempting to correct faults during rains could be risky for the system as well as for the employees at work, she added.