The checking of vehicle at checkpoints near Darra Adam Khel (Peshawar-Kohat road) is no doubt an indispensable arrangement for the sake of security and prevention of terrorism. However, it is often observed that some security personnel (both from Army and FC) are so offensive and humiliating in their dealings with the common, harmless passengers, that they actually create an ill feeling. Even many government employees have been subjected to humiliation here, both verbal and physical. I personally observed such an incident on July 13 when a very decent-looking, high government official who was traveling in the same coach as me was humiliated by the security guards just because of a minor (and very polite) protest over the extremely abusive behavior of the FC security personnel to another co passenger in the coach. The coach driver later told us that that it is normal at this check post and in several such incidents daily, innocent passengers are harassed and humiliated by the uncouth security staff. -A READER, via e-mail, July 15.