MICHAEL Jacksons brother Jermaine has vowed to welcome Omer Bhatti into the Jackson clan if he proves to be the singers fourth child. The 25-year-old Norwegian rapper sat in the front row with the Jackson family at the singers memorial service in Los Angeles two weeks ago. Jermaine Jackson said he wasnt yet sure whether Omer, said to have been the result of a one-night stand, was his brothers son. But if he was a Jackson, he would be treated exactly the same as Michaels three younger children, he said. 'If Omers his son, hes his son, Jermaine declared yesterday. 'We wont deny it. We are going to give him the same love and care that we give Prince and Paris and Blanket. I cant clearly say if he is Michaels but I saw this kid around him. Jermaine said Omer, who as a child looked remarkably like Jacksons seven-year-old son Blanket, was moved to the family seats at the memorial service by Jacksons eldest sister Rebbie. She wanted him closer to their mother, Katherine. 'My sister went and got him during the service and got him to sit closer to my mother, Jermaine said. Omer is said to be seeking a DNA test to find out whether Jackson was his father. In dark sunglasses and a black suit, he looked just like a member of the family as he bowed his head while listening to tributes to the King of Pop at the July 7 service. His appearance at the memorial and his physical similarities to Blanket, has fuelled speculation that he is the son of the legendary star. Omer has remained in LA since Michaels death and has been playing with the Jackson children at the family compound in Encino, California. If he is a Jackson, Omer would be the oldest of Michaels four children, joining Prince Michael, 12, Paris Michael, 11, and Blanket (Prince Michael II) seven. - Daily Mail The Thriller singer reportedly told close friends several years ago that he fathered Omer after a one-night stand with a Norwegian fan in 1984. Omers family, who live in the Norwegian capital Oslo, refused to rule out the possibility he is a Jackson. After hearing of the singers death of a cardiac arrest on June 25, Omers mother, Pia Bhatti, said: 'He was the King of Pop. But for us he was so much more. Omers Pakistani father Riz confirmed his son was at the memorial, but declined to give further details. He told The Sun: 'Yeah, yeah, I know because I was watching. I told my wife, Just wait until the Press see this. Its not a small thing. When asked if Michael was the biological father of Omer, Riz replied: 'Make what you like. I dont want to discuss anything. - Daily Mail