PHUKET, Thailand, (AFP/Reuters) - US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Thursday North Korea has no friends left to shield it from the international communitys demands that the country scrap its nuclear activities, triggering vitriolic defiance from the Stalinist regime. Pyongyang hurled invective at schoolgirl Hillary and declared disarmament talks dead, as she told Asias largest security forum that international efforts to squeeze the North over its atomic programme were paying off. They have no friends left that will protect them from the international communitys efforts to move towards denuclearisation, Hillary told the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Regional Forum (ARF) in Phuket, asking Southeast Asian and other nations to help enforce sanctions against North Korea. I was gratified by how many countries from throughout the region stood up and expressed directly to the North Korean delegation their concern over the provocative behaviour we have seen over the past few months. She said Pyongyangs pursuit of its nuclear ambitions could provoke an arms race in North Asia. Full normalisation of relations, a permanent peace regime, and significant energy and economic assistance are all possible in the context of full and verifiable denuclearisation, she said. North Korean delegates appeared agitated as they tried to organise a rare Press conference just before Hillary was supposed to speak in the Press area of a seaside hotel in the Thai resort island of Phuket. Regime officials described Hillarys renewed offer of a package of incentives in return for disarmament as nonsense, and lambasted the top US diplomat as unintelligent, a funny lady and a primary schoolgirl. The six-party talks are already dead, roving ambassador Ri Hung-Sik said, vowing no dialogue until Washington changed its deep-rooted hostile policy. Pyongyangs state media took an even more venomous line against Hillary, who earlier this week said the North Koreans were acting out like unruly teenagers. Sometimes she looks like a primary schoolgirl and sometimes a pensioner going shopping, a Foreign Ministry spokesman was quoted as saying in attacking her vulgar remarks. Anyone making mis-statements has to pay for them. The US diplomat said even Myanmar had now shown encouraging support for enforcing the sanctions against North Korea, after her aides held a rare meeting late Wednesday with a delegation from Myanmars junta. A statement issued by the ARF at the end of the forum said ministers of several countries condemned North Koreas missile and nuclear tests and urged a resumption of the six-party talks. But it included a paragraph saying that the talks had already come to an end and that Pyongyang did not recognise and totally rejected the UN resolutions.