The scenic valley of Swat, once a hub of terrorism, has been cleared by the Pakistan Army. It is heartening to know that the displaced people of Swat are going back to their homes. For the last two months, they had been living in the scorching heat of the temporary relief camps pitched in the open. The very fiber of Pakistani society is meshed with hospitality and generosity so they were provided for by their more affluent brothers. In the line of duty, the Pakistan Army once again saved Pakistan. The people are glad now that the IDPs are going back. international community is also responding positively and different international agencies are presently focussed on the task of providing these people with food supplies and basic infrastructure. The government of Pakistan has started shifting and rehabilitating these war-stricken people in their homes. These people are gratified and thanking the Allah for protecting their lives. The material losses can be compensated and are being done so with the aid of the government and international community. The IDPs suffered a lot at the hands of terrorists and then inclement weather. Now that they have returned home, the lengthy, costly process of their rehabilitation would begin. The hard part of their ordeal is over. Let us hope this new phase brings great relief for them. -SIDRAH HASHMI, Islamabad, via e-mail, July 14.