RAWALPINDI - Lack of proper care of patients, rude behaviour of nursing staff and indifferent attitude of doctors can be felt the moment one enters the premises of government hospitals. The news reports, regarding the indifferent behaviour of doctors and paramedical staff, published in papers from across the country time-by-time disclosed that the patients in OPDs and other indoor wards of almost all the public hospitals confront immense sufferings and when they left the hospital they have had hundreds of complaints against the staffers of public hospitals. The hospital officials are always reluctant about new admissions. If a patient is admitted, he or she is not given proper care and treatment. Only the money matters, they distressed humanity through their behaviour as well as service, lamented Muhammad Ramazan, who has undergone amputation of his two legs recently, at Benazir Bhutto Hospital (BBH) and was forced soon after the operation by the hospital administration to vacate the bed despite his grave health situation. It has been six days now when Muhammad Ramazan (40) got readmitted to the BBH with immense pain in his right foot figures and in already operated left leg, doctors of the same hospital had operated upon his left leg on July 13, 2009 but due to unbearable pain in operated leg and repeated requests by Ramazan doctors decided to re-operate left leg along with right leg. Muhammad Ramazan had undergone amputation of his two legs on Monday last and was asked by the doctors to vacate the bed at the same day despite knowing his serious condition, according to Ramazan he at last managed to spend one more night at the hospital but next day one Dr Zafar and his junior doctor insulted him and abused him for not complying with the doctors orders. It is pertinent to note that Muhammad Ramazan was a daily wage labourer, and was responsible for his whole familys bread and butter. He demanded of the authorities to look into the matter and provide him with financial aid. Doctors indifference can further be judged from the plight of a nine-year-old Usman Zafar. His open wounds tell a horrible tale of criminal apathy. Flies and other flying insects could be seen sitting on Usmans open wounds despite her mother was trying her utmost to keep them away. Usman met with an accident on Friday last and suffered multiple fractures in his left leg. Accompanied with his mother Ayesha Zafar, Usman was admitted to the District Headquarters Hospital as an emergency case on Friday night. He was operated upon on Saturday. According to his mother, doctors did not pay special attention towards her kid despite seriousness of the case and when she complaint against this pathetic attitude of the doctors to the duty officer, he advised her (Ayesha) 'for special attention she could take her child to some private hospital. She was waiting for an ambulance to shift her son to some private hospital under open sky in a lawn. On asking about the open wound on the arm, she said, I do not know anything; perhaps 'they forgot to put a bandage on the wound. Dr Saima Junaid, a house-jobian, said that the Punjab government should introduce performance-related pay system for hospital doctors to enhance their performance, which she termed as 'bonus system. With the recognition that public hospitals are often productively inefficient, radical reforms in health department are the need of the hour to increase hospitals administrative autonomy and financial problems of doctors also the government should increase the budget portion for public hospitals to fill their financing gaps including to ensure the adequate supply of medicines for the patients, Dr Saima added. No doubt the resources are limited, doctors pay, available infrastructure and machinery are also inadequate but all these faults could be remedies through a smiling face, polite behaviour and absolute attention of doctors for their poor patients, said Dr Jamal Nasir, Chairman Pakistan Green Task Force.