ISLAMABAD - A software for learning institutions, Rediker, has been launched in Pakistan by AGHAZ to bring about transparency, efficiency and cost cutting measures in the operations of the educational institutions. The software is specifically designed for learning institutions, and is currently being used in over 100 countries and 4,000 learning institutions across the globe. AGHAZ, which is the implementing partners for Rediker in Pakistan and UAE, will provide training and support for the users of Rediker. It is a joint venture between AGHAZ and Rockville Technologies where AGHAZ would be marketing, implementing and rendering support & training services and the later would be the reseller for the software. The AGHAZ Chief Executive Officer Mr. Agha Alamdar Hussain speaking on the occasion said founded a quarter century ago by educators in the United States, Rediker has made its mark through the years for its flexibility, secure feature, rich and easy to use applications. Boasting of three module admission, administrator plus and financial accounting with over 20 applications ranging from student information system, parent web portal, where they can access information from the comfort of their homes to PDA and palm applications for educators input during class sessions. Our experience in rethinking of business solutions as tools is the very essence of our successes. Our background in Strategy, Operations, Information Systems, Organizational Transformation and Leadership Development demonstrates our precision and finesse, our understanding of true management best practices, he added. He said apart from Rediker AGHAZ is also in partnership with Microsoft Dynamics-Solomon for Eastern Mediterranean, UAE and Pakistan and Sage software and add-on partner with Peachtree accounting. The company also helps with technology planning disaster recovery, e- security and e-business applications and other network and communication solutions.