LONDON (AFP) - The Guantanamo Bay detention camp will close by next January, US Vice-President Joe Biden said Thursday, adding that decisions on all inmates were likely well before January. In an interview with the BBC, he insisted Washington was on course to fulfil the closure pledge made by US President Barack Obama immediately after his inauguration in January. We are going through every single detainees records... to make a judgement about whether or not they should be tried [or] ... released and if so, what country might take them if we cant get them back to the country of origin because theyre going to be tortured or mistreated, he said. Speaking during a trip to eastern Europe taking in Georgia and Ukraine, he added: We expect before January - well before January - we will have a decision on each and every individual being held. Our Monitoring Desk adds: Entering a debate that has stirred political tumult in Britain, US VP Biden said more coalition troops will die in Afghanistan but the war was worth the effort. He said the lawless region along Afghanistan-Pakistan border was a place that, if it doesnt get straightened out, will continue to wreak havoc on Europe and the US. His remarks have particular resonance at a time when US-led coalition has recorded some of its worst casualties since overthrow of Taliban regime in 2001. Britain has 9,000 soldiers in Afghanistan, second biggest contingent after US and so far this month lost 19 soldiers to bring total since 2001 to 188, higher than British death toll in Iraq war. Biden said in terms of national interest of Britain, the US and Europe, the war is worth the effort we are making and sacrifice that is being felt. And more will come, he said, referring to current phase of hostilities as fighting season. He did not comment specifically on debate of British equipment. He said Afghan-Pakistan border region was a place from where attacks of 9/11 and all those attacks in Europe that came from Al-Qaeda have flowed.