MQM and ANP leadership have started holding each other responsible over target killing incidents in Karachi opening a new Pandora box of allegations by indulging in blame-game. MQM leader Wasim Akhtar talking to a private TV channel on Saturday accused ANP leadership of supporting land-mafia in Karachi adding that after operation against land mafia target killing incidents in the city have reportedly been increased. He also stated that ANP activists have also attacked at offices of MQM in the city and to divert the attention from land mafia operation-target killing incidents were being designed to create havoc and chaos in the metropolis. While President ANP-Sindh Shahi Syed said, ANP is fully committed to supporting the law enforcement agencies to eliminate target-killing incidents in Karachi. He also pointed that Karachi has become hub of illegal weapons, "We have to trust our security agencies and they should be authorized to curtail target killing incidents in the city," adding that target killing incidents couldn't be controlled by constituting committees.