US President Barack Obama is no different from his predecessors, especially when it comes to Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. When he was running for President, Mr Obama had given us an earful of speeches in opposition of the war. Many believed him and hoped he would stop the war in Iraq and Afghanistan but those were mere slogans. By continuing the war in Iraq, expanding the Afghan war into Pakistan and giving his unfledgling support to Zionists, Mr Obama is acting like another Bush. His 'withdrawal from Iraq is nothing but a redeployment. Now we learn that the US occupying forces have decided to transfer Iraqi prisoners from Camp Cropper under US control to Kathimiya Prison. Kathimiya is known to Iraqis for long as the slaughterhouse where executions and torture take place. Handing over prisoners to their vengeful enemies is violation of the Geneva Conventions. The American people, the so-called Anti-War movement and human rights organizations must act immediately for release of these prisoners otherwise they would meet the fate of Saddam Hussein. They should also raise a voice against atrocities being committed by Israel against Palestinians and by India against Kashmiris. The US claims of being the most civilized country of world is nothing but a cruel joke. -ALLAH BUX GABOL, Tando Allahyar, July 23.