KARACHI - The PPP-led Federal Government is reluctant to finance the multi-billion rupees infrastructure projects floated by Sindh government to ease the investment climate at Thar coalfield, officials sources told The Nation on Friday. The concept paper of infrastructure projects ranging from construction of road network, water provision, lying of railway network to installation of power transmission lines and water provision to the Thar coalfield have been prepared by Sindh government, which need a huge amount of over one billion dollar to start such schemes practically. Sources privy to the Thar Coal Energy Board said that though the central government during Shaukat Tarins tenure as Finance Minister, had assured the provincial government to share financial burden equally for initiating infrastructure projects. But, after enforcement of NFC award, the federal govt has conveyed the Sindh government to not contribute its share in infrastructure projects, officials said. The World Bank has already backed out from its commitment to provide technical assistance in Thar Coalfield project, officials confirmed, adding, the financial constraints facing to Sindh government are badly affecting all the projects including infrastructure schemes and joint venture with Engro Company to establish power plant at Thar coalfield. Sharing the financial miseries faced by Sindh Government, official said that Sindh has not made sure to provide its promised share of 40 per cent as a capital investment in joint venture projects with Engro Company, which further delaying the implementation of the project. A senior official told The Nation that Sindh Government raised the issue of non-cooperation of federal government in Thar Coalfield infrastructure projects with President Asif Ali Zardari, but it could not get any significant assurance from the President, who himself hails from Sindh province, so far. However, like other uplift schemes, the water provision for Thar Coalfield also facing same fate in Sindh, sources said. When contacted by The Nation, Irdris Rajput, consultant for water project for Thar coalfield confirmed that financial problems affecting the Thar coal project. He said that at least Rs27 billion are required to complete the first phase of water provision project, under which 50 cusecs water to be provided to Thar coalfield, but Sindh government has allocated only Rs10 billion in this fiscal year due to financial crunch facing to the province. Construction and lining of Makhi Farsh canal are part of project, which will fulfill the water needs of 1200 MW power plant, to be established by Engro company with joint venture with Sindh government, he said. However, a huge financing was required to start second phase of water provision for other power plants, which are in pipeline, he added. Kaisar Bengali, Advisor to Chief Minister Planning and Development Department has already disclosed the financial miseries of Sindh province after enforcement of NFC award as according to him; the federal government withdrew the federal funding of multi billion rupees ongoing projects of Sindh province, which earlier was part of federal PSDP.