Many comments and views have been heard on electronic media on the three years extension of General Ashfaq Pervaiz Kayani, the present Chief of Army Staff. His extension was so important that the PM had to come on TV to announce it with the plea that he was taking the nation into confidence on the matter. There are many presumptions on this legitimate or illegitimate extension. One, the other generals in line are not competent to ensure continuity of the present government policies. Two, the three years tenure of COAS is extendable to any number of years, subject to discretion of the PM. Three, the present incumbent is indispensable. Four, the next senior generals aspiring to become the COAS have no ambitions and have (may be) volunteered to retire in good faith or in greater national interest. Finally, the key appointments, especially in the Army, are made only after getting a green signal from White House in America. In this case, Hillary Clinton approved extension of the COAS, doubtless in the American interests. If these presumptions are correct, it proves that we are not a sovereign country and all our major decisions are dictated by the USA. The Viceroy of AFPAK region, Mr Richard Holbrook, is here to oversee the American interests and advise our ruling junta in framing their policies. This is definitely a wrong decision by the PM and would create frustration amongst aspiring generals who were perhaps more qualified, if not equally qualified. In three years, many outstanding and brilliant generals would be retiring. It appears the rulers have seen it to be in their personal interest to give Mr Kayani an extension so that they can complete their tenure of 5 years with a 'friendly COAS. -MUHAMMAD AZHAR KHWAJA, Lahore, July 23.