LAHORE Being forth pillar of the state, the present-day media is reflecting the true facet of the society very effectively and acting as a watchdog on the government actions and policies besides playing the role of educating the masses and motivating them to find out solution solutions facing the country. In an odd political scenario, dedication and commitment of the media is commendable. The journalists are informing and educating the masses even at the cost of their own lives, The Nation has learnt during a survey conducted to know peoples opinion about the role of media in the context of furious tirade of politicians and parliamentarians. The respondents including government employees, businessmen, labourers, vendors and students appreciated the role of media saying it was exposing those politicians and others responsible for bringing the present crises to the country when media itself was facing threats by the forces ambitious to make it silent through various tactics. With decades-long experience of print media in the back, the present-day electronic media passed through its embryonic period and now it is on the fast-track of attaining maturity after a long practise and sacrifices. As to the other side formed by the rulers, politicians and the people at the helm of affairs, need time for growing to the level of tolerating and accepting their mistakes highlighted by the media. However, at the same time media also needs to remain conscious of crossing the limit and entering the arena of personal attacks. The respondents are of the view the anti-media forces do not want prosperity and growth of democratic system so they are discouraging democratic voices and the media. They say media not only shows the real faces of the wrong doers and officials illegitimate acts but also counters the propaganda launched against the country by enemies like India which created extraordinary hype at the time of Mumbai terror attacks and our media well rose to the occasion. They say the media is also an instrument of safeguarding our ideological, political, economic and social borders like the military. Although some journalists are prone to drawing an issue out of the proportion to the extent of causing harm yet collectively media is projecting countrys identity and is sincere about its efforts to guard and protect interests of the country, they add. On the allegations of biased approach by the media towards political parties, the respondents said by and large performance of media was satisfactory The interviewees showed more satisfaction with the print media as compared to the electronic media which, according to them, sometimes created hype and sensation. They said running in the race of 'breaking news some TV channels even proceeded with premature information, which caused embarrassment besides affecting their own credibility. Another fact is that the media focuses mainly on political issues by giving them maximum time, which sometimes becomes monotonous and irksome, they said, and urged the media to focus on social issues of education, health and environment. Appreciating the role of media in awakening the society, they wanted the media to be somewhat more responsible towards national issues and careful about making sweeping statements.