Indo-Pak rounds of talks must have made a century of occurrence since 1947. Its the same every time, though. The leaders of our countries meet, exchange pleasantries, hold banquets and long hours of talks before finally holding an ambiguous joint press conference at the end of which they leave for their respective capitals with nothing positive to tell their people. The recent meeting of foreign ministers of two countries was no different. Diplomacy aside, our Foreign Minister should have been to the point about the burning issues between Pakistan and India. The public in Pakistan was not interested in his well-structured speech in (good) English; it wanted to hear of a definitive outcome of talks instead. Our people wanted the core issues of water, Kashmir and interference of RAW in Balochistan to be highlighted in a crystal clear manner. What stopped the FM from highlighting these points in discussion with his Indian counterpart is inexplicable. The talks ended without any results, as they have been for the last 60 years. India is successful in delaying discussions on the core issues. It is definitely a failure of our leadership, a failure of their non-professional approach during the talks. -MUHAMMAD AZHAR KHWAJA, Lahore, July 18.