The present rulers keep harping on the tune that Pakistan is so difficult to rule. Their groans on being handed a defaulting exchequer; stockpile of problems, stubborn, uncooperative bureaucracy and crumbling state infrastructure are unending. They keep telling the battered people that they are doing a very tough job on their behalf. The television talk shows that we see every day have a whole host of government spokesmen telling us about the services our rulers do for the cause of forced labour of governance inflicted upon them. One lady from the ruling party was recently heard retorting angrily at complaints of bad governance by other guests that it was easy to criticises than govern. But if the governance is such a pain for the rulers, why do they spend millions on electioneering and make such an arduous effort to be in power and then cling on to power like leeches? Why do they have to beg so much from people for votes and, indeed, why dont they tell people at the time of election that they would not be able to solve their problems due to old backlog? Tell me who abducts these ladies and gentleman, as gallant as them, from their abodes of luxury at gun point and forces them to sit in the ivory towers of Parliament and Cabinet to do the dreadful job of governance? -GULSHER PANHWER, Dadu, July 21.