LONDON (Agencies) - Pakistan has been in a state of war and military leadership does not change during wartime, said Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Qamar Zaman Kaira. Addressing a Press conference here on Friday, Kaira emphasised that Pakistan had been carrying out military operation against militants in its own interests, adding that the government was not pursuing military operation on foreign dictation and Pakistan would whatever it considered best for the stability of the country. The Information Minister also clarified that the government had extended tenure of COAS General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani to maintain continuation of the policy against the ongoing war on terrorism. He also said the PPP believed in the freedom of media, however media should also play a responsible role, adding that during the last two and half years, the government had not victimised any media group. Pakistani forces and public in Pakistan had been paying the price for the war on terrorism. However, he said, the government was committed to steer the country out of prevailing challenges and purge it of terrorists and extremists. Kaira said Friday that terrorism can only be eliminated by engaging the people through public diplomacy and empowering them with alternative narratives to counter extremist ideology. Pakistans struggle against terrorism is not only operational, but it is also ideological, said the Federal Minister. Briefing the media about his visit, Kaira said that he had held meetings with various officials of the UK Government to observe its communications strategies and systems in order to strengthen Pakistans public diplomacy and public outreach capacity so that the democratic government could deliver accurate information and messaging to the people. Kaira said that he would be taking back ideas from his wide-ranging discussions held with the UK officials whom he had met in the Home Office, Information Commissioners Office and Central Office of Information. Pakistan High Commissioner to the UK Wajid Shamsul Hasan was also present on the occasion. Responding to a question on Pak-Afghan transit trade agreement, the Information Minister said that it was a bilateral accord and no Indian goods would be allowed to go to Afghanistan via land route. He said under the international law, Pakistan is bound to help a landlocked country. He further stated that Pakistan would benefit enormously from the agreement as this would help Pakistani goods to be exported to the Central Asian States. The Minister was of the view that peace in the region was necessary and trade links with the neighbouring countries was an important aspect. Pakistan, he added, was pursuing its own policy in the best national interest and would not allow the Indian goods to be transported via land route to Afghanistan and beyond. Responding to a question, Kaira said that the three years extension in the tenure of Army Chief General Ashfaq Pervez Kiani had been taken in the best interest of the country in order to maintain the continuity of command as Pakistan fights terrorism. To a question on Kashmir, the Minister responded that the issue has always remained at the heart of the countrys foreign policy and no Pakistani political party could afford to ignore it. He said Kashmir is even included in the founding document of Pakistan Peoples Party. On media regulations in Pakistan, he mentioned that the regulatory authorities were already existing both in print and electronic media and there was a need to strengthen them and make them effective. He was of the view that media in Pakistan was still evolving. The Minister spoke about the establishment of Press Complaints Commission and Press Council as well where media disputes could be referred. Kaira said Pakistan Peoples Party has always held media freedom in the highest regard and there exists a vibrant media in Pakistan which is free to debate and discuss all issues. On the question of fake degrees, Kaira said the government will not protect those whose degrees have turned out to be bogus. He clarified that Parliamentary Select Committees work on the advice of the concerned Ministries and could not seek report from the Higher Education Commission directly as this has to be routed through the Education Ministry. The Minister spoke of the meetings held by President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani with the Chairman, HEC, on matters relating to the fake degrees and importance government attaches to the issues. In response to a question on taking the remains of Chaudhry Rehmat Ali, who coined word 'Pakistan for burial in Pakistan, he said he is willing to talk to his blood relations living in Pakistan on the issue. On the question of constructing Pakistan Centres in Pakistan Missions abroad, the Minister said lack of funding was a big issue. The Pakistan High Commissioner informed the media that work on building an auditorium adjacent to the Chancery in London would commence soon.