KARACHI - The Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Rabita Committee on Friday demanded a judicial probe into the target killing incidents in Karachi to expose real culprits involved in the target killings. Addressing a press conference here at Khursheed Memorial Hall, MQM Rabita Committee member and Provincial Minister Raza Haroon condemned the conspiracy to put the blame of target killing on MQM, adding that it was the part of a host of conspiracies against the MQM. MQM Rabita Committee members Kanwar Khalid Younis, Shoaib Ahmed Bukhari, Wasey Jalil and others were also present on the occasion. Raza Haroon alleged that some MQM opponents were hatching the conspiracy to involve the MQM in the recent incidents of target killing, saying that this was condemnable allegation from these elements. He recalled that the state operation had initiated against the MQM in 1992 on the false allegation of Jinnahpur, saying that more than 15000 MQM workers were killed during that military operation. He further said that few months ago Gen (r) Naseer Akhtar and Brigadier Imtiaz Ahmed had openly admitted that the Jinnahpur conspiracy was a drama and baseless allegations. He said that some elements were hatching the conspiracy to defame the MQM through putting the blame of assassination of Hakeem Saeed, Salahuddin and others but now its proved that all these allegations were engineered and baseless. Haroon said that criminals of land and drug mafias were killing their opponents. He said that Lyari gang-war was spread across the metropolis and a group of Lyari gang-war was supported by some influential personalities of the government. He hoped that the allegations of target killing against MQM will be exposed soon like the fake allegations of Jinnahpur, Hakeem Saeed and Salahuddin murder cases and the real culprits involved in the target killing will be exposed.