LAHORE - It is need of the hour to provide flour enriched with iron to the masses and Punjab government should allocate funds to establish institutions on flour milling to guide preparation of flour on modern lines through the use of latest machines and technology. Flour Milling Industry chairman Sufi Bilal said this at the 4th Pakistan Flour Milling Conference held here on Friday at a local hotel, and Punjab Agriculture Minister Ahmad Ali Aulakh as the chief guest, Chairman All Pakistan Flour Mills Association, Muhammad Iqbal and the flour millers from all over the country participated in the conference. Talking on the occasion, Sufi Bilal said that the purpose of the establishment of the Flour Milling Industry was to provide quality flour to the people to meet the need of basic food. He said that those who could not afford to meet the need of proteins and iron in their body by purchasing fruits and other food items should be provided with the flour enriched with iron, through the use of modern technology and innovations. He said that through the flour milling conference and its working, the flour millers would become aware of the principles of the market and innovations to prepare the flour on the modern ways. The competitions regarding flour milling should be continued but with principles and standards to meet the quality and need of flour. He said that rate of wheat jumped from Rs 425 to Rs 930 per mound due to the inconsistency of the government policies despite the occurrence of the bumper crop of wheat this year. He demanded of the government to allocate funds for opening institutions on the flour milling so that quality flour could be provided to the masses. He said that government should bring the rate of wheat down at Rs 800-830 per mound from Rs 940 instead of exporting it. He said that establishment of laboratories and preparation of quality flour have become need of the hour and the government should ponder over these things. Flour Mills Association chairman Muhammad Iqbal Daud said that women and children were facing sever dearth of iron and it was causing deaths. He said that government should also make arrangements to provide raw material to the industry. Flour Mills Association vice president Sheikh Mumtaz said that there should not be any provincial bans on the movement of wheat and flour and government should not export the wheat to facilitate its local eaters by providing substantial subsidy on the wheat and flour while keeping in view of bumper crop and availability of surplus wheat. Talking on the occasion, the chief guest Punjab Agriculture Minister Ahmad Ali said that Punjab government was working for the benefits of the masses but other counties like China, South Korea, Malaysia and Turkey had made the tremendous progress in agriculture due to their consistent polices. He said that Punjab was facing the problems of underground water levels, insufficient water reservoirs and increasing rates of agri inputs due to which the rates of wheat increased. The minister said that currently Punjab had about 66 lac tons of wheat and the government had the storage capacity of only 23 lac tons. He also said that Punjab government also allocated the funds for research work so that fruits and vegetables, crops and other agri related items could be saved from wasting due to the mismanagement. About wheat price, the minister said that it was the duty of the federal government to decide the matters of wheat and Punjab was ready to facilitate the masses.