LAHORE India and Pakistan on Friday agreed for the joint inspection of Indus River sites, and a team comprising Pakistani water experts would visit Kashmir for this purpose during August. India allowed Pakistan to inspect Indus River sites in Occupied Kashmir on the 2nd day of talks held between the Indus Waters Commissioners of Pakistan and India here on Friday. Pakistans Indus Water Commissioner Syed Jamaat Ali Shah while talking to reporters said both the sides agreed to the inspection of Rivers sites on both sides of the border during the meeting. The joint team of both the countries would inspect the sites, he added. After Pakistans reservations on the controversial constructions carried out by India over River Ravi also, the two countries would conduct joint inspection of River Ravi on both sides of the border. Pakistan had also proposed installation of telemetry system for recording instant water flow, Shah said, adding, India had assured Pakistan to consider this proposal seriously. Jamaat Ali Shah further said matters about prevention of pollution affecting the rivers were also discussed at the meeting. 'We have also companied that water flowing from India was contaminated, Shah added. According to him, inspection of Adiala and Kasur drains would be carried out accordingly. Pakistan wanted to resolve all the water issues with India under Indus Basin treaty, Pakistans IWC maintained. Later talking to reporters Indian Indus Water Commissioner G Auranga Nathan said New Delhi would allow Islamabad to inspect Indus River. He said the water related disputes between Pakistan and India were not such issues that could not be resolved through dialogue, he added. However, he said no time-frame could be given for sorting out some problems. 'India wants to settle all the matters about water through bilateral talks, Auranga Nathan said, stressing that there was no need for any arbitration. The process of river inspection would help address concerns of both the countries, he maintained.