ISLAMABAD (APP) - Taking serious notice of alleged financial bungling in Pakistan State Oil (PSO) Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Petroleum and Natural Resources Sabir Baloch on Friday convened the meeting of the committee for Thursday next. The bungling scam was pointed out by the Managing Director PSO at a meeting of the National Assembly Standing Committee on Petroleum and Natural resources which met here on Thursday. Senator Sabir Baloch told APP that the committee in its meeting would take up the matter and ponder the issue in threadbare besides urging the government to take stern action against those corrupt elements which have been causing millions of dollars losses to the national exchequer. No matter how influential those elements are, the Committee would take up the matter to seek stern action against the corrupt mafia from the government, Baloch said. He said the issue of corruption is the top of the agenda of the forthcoming meeting for which the Ministry Petroleum and Natural Resources has been asked to arrange the meeting on the said date. He said the Ministry has also been directed to ensure presence of the management of PSO at all costs. Besides financial matters of PSO, the Committee he said would also take up matters like, properly empowering the members of the Board of Directors, circular debt and other matters pertaining to the transparent and error-free management of the state run oil company. Referring to the earlier statement of the MD PSO, Baloch said that the committee would also take up the matter for pin pointing black sheep in the PSO and recommend their immediate ouster from the organisation. The parliamentary bodies constituted by the Upper as well as the Lower Houses of the Parliament for various departments and government functionaries are given monitory role in the democratic system and their recommendations are considered to be a binding on the sitting government to follow them in their letter and spirit.