THE Kashmiri protest against the continuing Indian repression, and its occupying forces killing of Kashmiri youth, has led to the Indian occupiers calling an All-Parties Conference to which the parties calling for the States leaving the Indian Union would also be invited. This decision by the Indian Cabinets Kashmir Committee has been characterised by Umar Abdullah as seeking a solution through dialogue. This is an attempt to hoodwink the world into accepting Indias democratic credentials despite the way it has ignored the Kashmiri peoples right of self-determination, to the extent that it has ignored the UNSC resolutions on the subject despite its own commitments. Those resolutions contained the only fair, and thus the only viable solution to the Kashmir issue, that of determining the will of the Kashmiri people through a UN-sponsored plebiscite. That remains a mechanism that will put India at peace not only internally, by ridding it of Kashmir, whose people have shown that they will never accept its illegal occupation, but also externally, by putting it at last at peace with Pakistan, allowing it and the entire region to engage in alleviating the fearful poverty they are all plunged in. India must accept that its over 62 years of illegal occupation of Kashmir have not only failed to reconcile the Kashmiri people to it and its denial of their right, but it has also brutalised the occupation forces beyond repair. If it does not do so, the APC just called will serve no useful purpose. Its only useful purpose will be for it to prepare the Held Valley for a plebiscite. If India does not take this opportunity out of false pride, it should at least give up the belief that any APC will lead to peace in Kashmir. It must realize that if the APC does not lead to an end of the illegal occupation, and the Kashmiri people being allowed to determine their own fate, it will not succeed. It must not regard the APC as a ploy to prolong its illegal occupation.