ISLAMABAD The Government was indifferent, cartels were in jubilation while Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) staff was demoralised as its Chairman Khalid Mirza, a man known for his effective law enforcement, completed his tenure on Friday without any praise. Mirzas departure was highly unceremonious, as he eventually had become the most unwanted head of the competition agency because of implementing the law ruthlessly. The cartels mafia, influential commercial circles and ruling bigwigs having their indirect, if not direct, interest in mega businesses were rather waiting for his term in office to end. It is however on record that Mirza spared none of those who dared violate the existing competition law ranging from powerful telecom operators to the highly influential sugar mafia. Cement industry, banking sector, manipulative brokers community, private educational institutes exploiting students, and even multinationals, no one could hide from hawkish eye of the Competition Commission Chairman. In implementing the competition law in letter and spirit Mirza went so straight after cartelising cement industry of the country that it cost him abrupt sacking by Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani last year. Premier Gilani, however, had to reinstate him within a couple of days after revisiting the Competition Ordinance that protects the Chairmans appointment till completion of the three-year tenure. Therefore, since early September last year, all those who did not want to see Khalid Mirza as Chairman CCP were anxiously waiting for July 23 to come so that they could have a sigh of relief. It is only inside the country that no one has the moral courage to appreciate the work done by Khalid Mirza, otherwise he is very well regarded in relevant international circles only for his work as head of the competition agency in Pakistan. John Fingleton, Chief Executive of The Office of Fair Trading of UK, who is also Chairman of the International Competition Network (ICN) - an association of the worlds competition agencies - has remarked that Mirzas work means that the Network is better placed to serve the needs of all of its members in the future. I realise that tomorrow is your last day at the Competition Commission of Pakistan. I just wanted to drop you a note to say what a tremendous job you have done in your tenure at the helm of CCP, with huge impact domestically, against formidable odds, and no small influence internationally. I would like in particular to thank the contributions you have made to the work of ICN, particularly in highlighting the needs of agencies in developing countries, Fingleton wrote to Mirza on his second last day in office. While talking to this scribe in his office on Friday, Mirza gave this advice to the Government if it was really serious in proper functioning of the private sector as against malfunctioning, it must strengthen three institutions namely the State Bank of Pakistan, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, and last but not the least the CCP. He once again rang the alarm bell for the Government that the Competition Ordinance would once again expire on August 18 to seize the existence of the Commission unless the Parliament fails to legislate alternate law by then. The CCP Bill has already been passed by the Senate and it is pending with the National Assembly that is required to pass it before August 18.