NEW DELHI (AFP) - India and the United States signed an anti-terrorism pact on Friday, a day after Pentagons top military officer warned extremists could try and stage fresh attacks on the South Asian country. The India-US Counter Terrorism Cooperation Initiative aims to boost security ties between the two countries, including closer liaison between their commando and special forces, an Indian government statement said. The agreement came a day after top US diplomatic and military officials warned of fresh attempts by militant groups to push India and Pakistan into a military conflict. The Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, said he feared extremists would attempt another operation similar to the 2008 Mumbai attacks to goad India into armed retaliation against its neighbour. India said the pact also aims to increase exchanges between coast guards and the navy on maritime security and establish procedures to undertake joint investigations. Timothy Roemer, the US Ambassador to India, who signed the agreement on behalf of Washington, said it would go a long way to strengthening cooperation between the two countries. Today, with the formal signing of the initiative, we take several significant steps forward against terrorism, Roemer told reporters. In the coming days and months there will be even closer information-sharing and collaborative efforts on issues ranging from bomb blast probe and major event security to mega-city policing, cyber and border security, he said. The diplomat said the pact was forged on the sidelines of a state visit to the US by Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh last November. President (Barack) Obama and the (Indian) prime minister have acknowledged the common threat that international terrorism poses to all people, Roemer added. Signed in the form of a memorandum of understanding the accord will enhance cooperation in tracking money laundering and the financing of terrorism, the Indian Home Ministry statement said. Monitoring Desk adds: Voicing concern over the alleged misuse of US military aid by Pakistan, India on Friday asked America to set up a monitoring mechanism as a remedial measure, but got no clear assurance in this regard, reports Zee News. Indian Defence Minister A K Antony, while receiving US Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen here, told him about Indias worries that Pakistan was allegedly diverting the American military assistance to building capacities against India. During the 45-minute meeting, the Indian Defence Minister suggested that the US should set up a monitoring mechanism to ensure that there was no diversion of the aid which Pakistan receives, Indian Defence Ministry sources said. Later, when asked about Indias concerns, Mullen told reporters that the military aid to Pakistan did not in any way greatly imbalance its capabilities vis-a-vis India. Asked whether the US would take a re-look at the assistance if India provided evidence of misuse by Pakistan, he termed it as a hypothetical question but said if there was a change in use of the weapon systems, the US would look at it. As far as the systems that we are selling them and providing them, they are systems that very specifically are to be used and have been used against the terrorists threat within their own country, he said. Mullen, who also met Indias Chairman Chiefs of Staff Committee Air Chief Marshal P V Naik, said the issue of diversion of US military aid by Pakistan was raised by the Indian political and military leadership during his meetings with them. However, the American Admiral said the US weapon sales to and cooperation with Pakistan was reflective of growing relations and friendship between the two countries. We are broadening the relationship with Pakistan and it is relationship that was cut off for almost a dozen years. We are trying to re-establish the trust with Pakistan which was virtually eliminated when we stopped the relationship in 1990. Certainly, we have expressed very strong desire on where these weapon systems should be used and the resources as well, he added.