LAHORE - After the recent heavy monsoon rains playing havoc with the City due to inefficient drainage system, the Punjab Government has directed Water and Sanitation Agency to carryout a fresh survey of encroachments on its drains and devise a comprehensive plan to ensure early disposal of rainwater, sources informed The Nation on Friday. In a recently carried out survey, WASA identified as many as 2,332 encroachments on its various drains, out of which a good number of multi-storey buildings, but lack of action allowed the menace to continue to create hurdle in the drainage of rainwater. According to the officials, the Punjab Chief Minister directed for a fresh survey with the purpose to counter check the available lists of encroachments before launching a full-fledged operation to revive WASA drains. The officials say that the WASA would try to complete the task within minimum time period to ensure early start of operation against encroachments on its drains. Apart from carrying out fresh survey of encroachments on drains, The Punjab Chief Minister has also directed WASA to take extra measures for early drainage of rainwater from 34 identified sensitive points in the City with more ponding time. Interestingly, WASA launched a number of operations in the past to remove encroachments from its drains but all met with the failure due to the intervention of influential encroachers. If some encroachments were removed and original drain was revived, the illegal constructions resurfaced soon after ending of much hyped drives. The officials said that drains have to be cleared of markets, buildings and slums as these encroachments were causing chocking and delaying drainage of rainwater. They said as most of the illegal structures belong to influential people, they use their political connections to end the operation. They said that a political will was needed to make the operation really meaningful and result oriented.